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Ashra AQAM

Asalam o Allykum,

As the commemorations of Muharram draw to a close and we move into Safar, it is high time for us to reflect on how much has this experience of mourning and remembrance changed us from within. How much did our tears cleanse our eyes and how much the beating of the chests softened us.

As a community, it was a great blessing of Allah on us that we were able to hold the flag of Abal Fazl Al Abbas (a.s) high for yet another year. May Allah accept our amaal and efforts.

What was your experience of the Ashra e Zainabia (a.s) organised by Anjuman-e-Qaim-e-Ale-Muhammad (saww) at Muslim Resource Centre?

Send your views and feedback to [email protected]

Things to comment may include: venue, preparations, speaker, nohas, soz o salam, niaz, event organisation, timings etc. Your constructive feedback is valuable and provides us the opportunity to improve. JazakAllah khair.

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