Al-Qaim Islamic Madressa

Welcome to the Al-Qaim Islamic Madressa page. Here you will find all the relevant details about our Madressa.


About Us

Al-Qaim Madressa started in 2012 with only 14 students on roll and Alhamdulillah it has been growing with more students joining in every year. We currently have 100+ students on roll for Saturday Madressa classes and 55+ students on roll for Quran classes; with 14+ students for Madressa and 35+ students for Quran classes on the waiting list. In addition, all our teachers are volunteers; we have 5 teachers for Saturday Madressa and 2 teachers for Quran classes. 

Where do we teach? 

All the classes takes place at Al-Qaim Centre Coventry at Freehold Street.

When do we teach? 

During the pandemic, all our classes are held online via Zoom, throughout Saturday.

What do we teach? 

In the Madressa we teach the syllabus designed by Majlis-e-Ulamah-e-Shia (Europe). It is to provide children a strong foundation of: Beliefs, Fiqh (Jurisprudence), Ethics and History.


In the Quran classes, students are taught how to read Quran.

Upcoming Events

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